Model A1


Runmer A1 Model is by far the world's firmest and most compact electric mobility scooter. It's the ideal scooter for seniors and people who's feet are not playing along well, and it is also for everyone else. You will never feel that you are driving a mobility scooter that is only made for the disabled as traditional models.

model name Runmer A1
Motor Fully customized brushless DC 48v 115w
Controller Fully customized brushless
Brake electro magnetic
Seat frame material carbon fibre
Maximum Speed 6 km/hour
driving disdance 25 km
Maximum user weight 135 KG
Scooter Weight with batteries 25 KG
Batteries Lithem-ion 48V 384 wh
Recharge time 4 hour
Ground clearance from seat 850mm
Seat width and length 360 x 340 mm
Minimum turning radius 750mm
Groove Crossing Ability 15°
driving disdance front wheels Driving
front wheel 8"x57 mm
back wheel 9"x50 mm


If you are someone who travels a lot but has trouble standing and walking for long periods of time, a mobility scooter would be a great recommendation to own and have readily available for those traveling purposes. trying to create what the best handicap mobility scooters to take on planes is our task


We work hard to create innovative mobility products that surpass your expectations for safety, functionality, performance and value.Your needs become the blueprints for our solutions

Super multimedia technology

Big LED screen
Our screen shows driving speed and driving distance. And it shows the fault of which part when it breakdown Bluetooth charge function, USB charge function

GPS function

When customer get lost, his family can find him through GPS
Our GPS function can protect scooter from steal
Deviation range is within 4m by excellent GPS

High tech material

The main frame is made of aluminum material for airway that ensure a most steady performance.
The seat supporting frame is made of carbon fiber, which is more light and more firm
All the plastic parts is made of non-toxic top quality material which passed the high temperature and low temperature test.

Simply fold and open

The innovative folding mechanism allows, for the first time, a 3-wheeled scooter to fold down to the dimensions of a suitcase, the size you would take alone with you on airplane, train, metro, car, lift, could be transferred easily.
When folded, it is as small as a carry-on luggage; when opened it is also very large and comfortable for driving.
10 seconds of simple operation to open and close. You can choose whether to ride it or roll it effortlessly along with you!

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